The YouTube video titled “Where Did Satan’s First Desire for Evil Come from?” on John Piper’s channel, Desiring God, explores the mystery surrounding the origin of Satan’s first sin. The question arises from a listener who is struggling to understand how God’s sovereignty relates to the initial desire for sin in Lucifer.

John Piper acknowledges that this is a complex and unanswered theological mystery. He points out that the Bible doesn’t provide a clear explanation for how Satan became evil, but rather presents the presence of unexplained evil from the beginning. Piper emphasizes that God is sovereign and His plans include both what He causes and what He permits, but the specifics of how evil came to be remain elusive. He presents a possible pointer from Isaiah 63:17 and Isaiah 64:7, suggesting that God’s hiddenness may have played a role in Lucifer’s turning away from God. However, he reiterates that this is not a definitive explanation, and the question remains a theological mystery. The video concludes with the acknowledgment that God is sovereign over all things, including sin, while remaining sinless Himself.